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A Note On RSS


So now that the new site is up and kicking I have had some people mention that they don’t get updates from the previous sites and RSS feeds.  Well, to be quite honest that is probably my fault because I can’t figure out the goddamned 301 redirect thingy, and since I don’t want this to be a “current Brian” problem I am giving you nice folks an easy out.

RSS RSS for the entire site.

That RSS will give you updates to every thing that comes out on Apartment J.  Now some of you slackers might not want to listen to everything we do (wtf is wrong with you?) So in that case there is a menu at the top that says “Subscribe via RSS” and that handy dandy little drop-down has separate RSS feeds for all of our shows currently running, and will have new feeds as we add new content.

Look at all these options we offer here.

Also, go buy a shirt.



Brian Allen

P.S. I do thank you for letting me know about any problems on the site.



Episode 14 – Reapsolo and the Wookie

Brian dies while Sarah laughs, and Reap gets stuck in his bed.


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